What's A Derby ?

What's A Derby ?


Before you start writing about football derbies, what is a derby, what matches are called derbies, you need to explain it. The definition of "the struggle of the teams of the same city" comes out in front of those who say what the derby means. Although incomplete, it is an accurate definition.

what is a derby, what is a derby

In the years when the definition of Derby was first introduced, the most important common point between the two Football teams was that they were established in the same city. In years when communication and means of transport were not so advanced, when football did not become an industry, the struggle between teams of the same city was, of course, the only issue that separated them from others and made these matches special. But today's concept of a derby match is far beyond that.

There are many reasons between the two football clubs to make their matches special. For this reason, matches of teams of different cities, such as Barcelona - Real Madrid, are now referred to as derbies. Because there are now many reasons that make these matches special.

Galatasaray-Fenerbahce matches between teams of the same city, such as (usually) only football source. As everyone knows, there is no religious, racial or other distinction between these two teams. Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce fully meets the definition of Derby in the basic sense. Today, however, the definition of Derby is fed from many non-football sources. Religious as in the Glasgow Rangers - Celtic derby, political reasons as in the Rome - Lazio derby (although they are teams of the same city) precede the definition of the first derby.

The Juventus - Inter derbies, called the Italian Derby, are also an example of this situation. In the years when the Italian Derby definition was first introduced, Juventus were the most successful team in the National League and cups. In the same years, Inter is a team that has won many successes in Europe, so the struggle of these two teams is special and has been called the Derby.